Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dining In London: B.O.B's & co.

I love discovering new inexpensive and fabulous restaurants in the city! When a wonderful new industry friend Aneta recommended we meet up at a cheap eat, maybe a food truck, I though this could be the perfect time to try out B.O.B's & Co. ! On a rainy and really cold day in London, who would have known that a restaurant style that makes me think of sunny summer days in Maine, would be found right around the corner from St. Paul's Cathedral! 
 B.O.B's & Co. is currently located at it's winter location above the pub, The Rising Sun Pub. Around the corner from the cathedral and down a few cobble stone streets, you find the pub and a little lobster cooler set outside the side door. Looking up the staircase I thought to myself, what is this place! Well, I was more then pleasantly surprised!
 The decor is kitschy and fun! I kind of want to hire the place out for a little party! Full of small tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, it did remind of me summer time dinners spent on picnic tables in Portland Maine, however, nope, I was in London, above a pub, but who would have known! 
 Bob's does offer sides and specials, the shrimp and grits sounded delicious as well as the lobster mac and cheese, however, Aneta  and I could resist the classic…a lobster roll and fries. 
 Hello gorgeous! Yes, the lobster roll came served on a toasted bun with amazing crispy hot fries. The lobster was a bit different then the New England classic I am use to with mayo, however, all the same, the decadent lunch treat was worth every calories. Lets also discuss the cute logo they have on their hand towelettes for the lobster roll truck.
 We couldn't resist rocking the lobster claws at the end of lunch! 
 …or a few Instagram shots. I mean, this place is Instagram worthy everywhere!

 Next time you are looking for a little hidden gem in the center of the city or dying for a little feeling of Summer during this gloomy weather, head over to B.O.B's & Co. !
B.O.B's & Co. is located for 6 months above the Rising Sun Pub. Once the Summer comes, we can find them in the van around the city! Check out their current hours here: Website | Twitter  | Instagram | Bob's Lobster Van

xoxo - Becca

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  1. Sounds like an amazing place, my boyfriend would love it there. He could eat lobster everyday if he could. Unfortunately I don't eat seafood so he doesn't get to eat it that often. I just ordered lobster online, I plan to surprise him with an amazing surf and turf dinner. Hopefully it turns out tasty since I have never cooked seafood before.

  2. Looks fantastic, definitely going to put this on my list of London restaurant's to try out :)


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