Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Kissable Lip

I know that I may have mentioned this before, but yes, I am a total lipstick junkie. You can usually find about three to six tubes of pink lipstick and gloss in my purse, whatever, totally normal! Being that is  always Summer like weather here in Florida, I really try to make sure my lips have SPF on them. I will never forget the experience of burning my lips a few years ago, awful! Blister lips are not cute! So instead of grabbing your original sunscreen that gives no pretty color, I suggest these four pretty little tubes {yes, they have all found a place in my purse, oops}. 

Speaking of Summer and Lip Stick, I had to share these adorable notecards I found over on Ashley Brooke Designs, as part of her Summer line. For a lipstick lady like me they would make the perfect Summer note to say Hi! 

Cover your lips, make them pretty, use SPF! Blisters, yuck, smooth and kissable, yes! xoxo~Becca

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