Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Weekend!

After a long week on the road I am HOME! We had a wonderful trip around Florida and I can not wait to share all of the fun we had, however, today I am glad to be home. I am catching up on emails, cleaning, cooking, relaxing and watching some Olympics fun! Friday evening I ordered pizza, bought us some English beers and watched the opening games. The scene from below was for sure one of my favorite parts of the opening games in London. Who is that handsome man driving a speed boat through London? Is that James Bond? Oh no, it is stylish, beautiful, international Soccer player, David Beckham! I mean really ladies & gents, did you not giggle when you saw that smile of his? Cheers to a fun Olympics games! Happy Weekend! xoxo~ Becca

Why hello Mr. Beckham! Is this really the opening ceremonies of the Olympics or a commercial for an action movie starring this good looking fella?

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