Monday, July 2, 2012

J.Crew How I Love You

I sat down this weekend with the July 2012 J.Crew catalog and had a flashback of when I was a little girl. I use to flip through the catalog and write my initials by items I liked, oh yes I did! As if a fairy godmother was going to open it up and buy everything that had RD written next to it, hahaha. Well, yet again, J.Crew did it, just like every year since then! Fabulous clothing as usual and I want one of each please. Below are a just a few of my new favs. They are welcome to show up on my doorstep from my fairy godmother any day now {wink!}. 

Tippi in Heart Me Sweater, I mean really! This has my name written on it.

 This wixon purse in mint would be a fancy little number to add to my travels now wouldn't it! 

Now let's start with the the nautical obsession that I am loving from J.Crew, the postage stamp mini, how cute is she. 

The Dizzy Anchors dress would be a great addition to the Summer in Florida, if only I had a friend with a boat. 

I know it is for little girls but I am still trying to figure out how many pounds I need to lose to squeeze into this kids anchor sweatshirt with SEQUINS! 

Kind of obsessing over this pom pom shell. I can see how cute it would be with skinny jeans and heels for a night out, pretty cute huh! 

And then this little flowy cami appeared and I had it, when I can place my order! First to throw over my  suit in the hot sunny weather.

Oh J.Crew you never seem to disappoint. Did you happen to catch the MSNBC special J.Crew's CEO Mickey Drexler, I happen to love the company even more. Watch it here!

{sorry for the not so fabulous photos, but they are straight from the catalog itself, old school}


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