Thursday, June 21, 2012

Oliver turns ONE

I am a little late on posting about this but Oliver turned ONE in March and we threw him a little bash, a puppy party! I now, I'm crazy, but whatever, I love my dog {as seen multiple times here here here and here on the blog}. 

We invited a few friends over for a little backyard BBQ and invited them to bring along their furry friends as well. I am loving our little family portrait from above, Oliver is quite the poser. 

 For the human guests I made sugar cookie shaped as dog bones with my go to Martha Stewart recipe. I bought these Message Cookie Cutters last year and have found them so great to use for parties and holidays! They came in handy as an easy way to personalize the cookies and I can't wait to use them again.

Oliver insisted that he bought his friends gifts, so I caved in and bought a selection of dog toys for the other puppies to bring home. 

His buddy Hudson was so good at posing, or was he just waiting for one of my homemade biscuits? 

I used this recipe to make these homemade all natural treats for the puppies, they were a complete hit! Making "cookies" and basting with chicken broth was comical instead of sugar for the cookies. 

Awww, Oliver and Beau, they are totally in love. Hudson and Oliver are pretty in love also, pool buddies! They were both waiting so calmly for me to give them a carrot cake doggy birthday cupcake! 

Happy birthday little buddy! This post may sound crazy, like I am the crazy dog women, whatever, I don't care, Oliver rocks! 



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