Monday, June 25, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

It rained a good part of this weekend in Fort Lauderdale. This morning the rain let off a little bit and I mentioned that it would be nice to take a walk on the beach with Oliver before a busy day ahead.  I put this on my Summer List of things I wanted to do, and after living in Florida for two years, try to take advantage of mornings like these when we can. 

The windy quiet beach in Fort Lauderdale is three miles from our house and quite relaxing on a day like today. 

Sir Oliver loves running around the beach, but the waves, not so much. 

My boys, Beau and Oliver. Really, mornings like these are so sweet. 

 Oh Sir Oliver, his cute little paw prints in the sand. How would it be to move him away to a city and away from the sand? hhhmmm. 


{All photos taken on my super fancy camera... my iPhone! Follow me on Instagram

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