Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Time & Stone Harbor

Happy Summer, officially! Last weekend I was lucky to assist my fabulous wedding planner, Elizabeth at a wedding in Stone Harbor, NJ.  I kept thinking to myself, "hhmm, Jersey Shore wedding, interesting.". Well I was surprised at what an adorably cute little place Stone Harbor was and really didn't want to leave. Snooki and the rest of that Jersey Shore crowd really does give this state a bad rep, because I loved it. I understand now why the brides family spends Summers there. The town was quaint, the beaches were long and pretty to run on, the main street was filled with sweet boutiques, it was great! A perfect way to start the summer. 

 My view from my walk on the beach. 

Stone Harbor, I kind of love you. 

These were the flowers welcoming guests into the reception. The hydrangeas were growing everywhere on the island and I found them so Summery and pretty in the North East. I miss these growing everywhere, we do not have this going on in Fort Lauderdale  {flip flops of feelings, there they are}. 

Hello pretty peonies! Now, hot pink peonies mixed into the reception screamed Summer time to me!

 I was really loving this arrangement in the entrance area; peonies, black and white stripes,                  neat vases, perfect.  

To top off the cuteness of Stone Harbor NJ and the beautiful almost Summer weekend that it was.... this is how the wedding party arrived to the reception, by boat! It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful wedding, nice job Elizabeth!!! 

{more to come about Miss Elizabeth, for Wedding Wednesday}



  1. My family has a house in Stone Habrbor and it truly is a special place. So glad you enjoyed our little secret town!

    1. oh I LOVED it there. Such a sweet beach town and a beautiful backdrop for a wedding!


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