Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Glittery Friday!

Friday! yay! Even though I have 101 things on my to do list this weekend, it is still nice to know it is Friday and you do not have to feel so bad for putting some stuff over the weekend, relaxing a bit, glass of wine outside by the pool, you know, weekend laziness! Well I hope I get a little of it but with everything on my to do list to get complete before Beau and get away for a couple of days next week I will see. Anyways, here is to making your Friday a little bit glittery. I have a sparkly manicure and couldn't help but share some glittery loveliness I found through out the weekend. Happy Friday! 

{Card found here

{Glitter Chevron Art by Penny Pincher}

 {Sparkly Shoes on Floridian Weddings by Diana Lupu

{J.Crew sequin Nautical Lovelinesss!} 

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