Monday, November 7, 2011

A quick FALL trip

This weekend I took a quick trip to DC to meet Billy, one of my best friends since elementary school, Besse's new little baby boy. I flew up early Saturday and came back late Sunday evening, yep, a quick trip. I wish I could have a weekend like this more often! The weather was beautiful with the Fall leaves changing and it was a reminder to me of just how much I love this time of year up North! Palm trees do not change into these beautiful colors.

I wanted to share a few photos from the weekend that just made me smile! Me, playing Auntie Becca strolling Billy through the cute streets of Delray, VA near Besse's house. Little baby Billy sleeping, how cute are his little froggie pj's, Billy's little shoe socks, adorable! And then me again, holding Billy with a big smile on my face. This little guy is precious and I'm always so excited to see the Rose family! It makes me feel like I never left.

Cerys and I took a little afternoon stroll through Old Town Alexandria and hit up a few adorable stores in the afternoon. I made her snap this picture of me so I could remember the beautiful day! Yes, I was rockin my boots for the two chilly days! I don't get many days in Florida to wear them.

I've been dying to make a trip to the adorable new paper store Fifteen Eleven and I got stop by Saturday and I'm so glad I got to! Fort Lauderdale is for sure missing a cute paper shop and every time I head up to DC I make sure to add a few stops to my favorite shops, this just got added to the list. Ladies, if you live in Washington head on over to Old Town for (on a Saturday when they are selling Whoopie Pies!) and take a few minutes in the shop.

I bought these adorable Russell+Hazel cards. The acrylic holder will make a perfect addition to my desk.

The bow stamp will be adorable added to my holiday envelope cards. And these little chevron paper bags, well they were a given.

Thinking of framing this fun postcard! I need to remind myself of these things a few times!

I also made a stop in the always amazing Paper Source, I'm kind of obsessed! I guess it is kind of good that I do not live near this little gem of a paper store anymore because I end up buying one too many adorable things. I needed silhouette rubber stamps, didn't I? The little round stickers I always stock up on. I love sending out a card with the simple little stickers on the back.

It is only Tuesday and I am already looking forward to my weekend here in Florida. I need to start my holiday card search;) Hhhmm, maybe another quick trip to Washington, Beau? Can we?

Have a happy week! xoxo~Becca


  1. ok. 1. I love those cards. Must. Get. Some.

    and 2. that baby is too cute. seriously. too cute.

  2. I am such a sucker for paper goods. Those are killer!

  3. Thank you! Yes, the new store Fifteen Eleven in Arlington is AWESOME! Check it out. And paperstore, a staple:)

    It was a nice weekend away!


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