Thursday, November 3, 2011

a perfect day

Recently it has been go go go around my house. With all of our travelling we did in September, birthdays, celebrations, we returned to Florida with Beau moving his job to a new location, and me, packing my schedule even more then usual. With a full time job, co editor of a fabulous new blog, this blog, volunteering, networking, its busy. I don't mean to sound complaining, because I am not, however, we are busy, which sometimes means our nights of laying on the couch watching tv and relaxing are slim. Unfortunately recently Beau and my schedule's are not on the same track and it is starting to make me sad. I work Monday through Friday and Beau has off two days during the week and works on the weekends. So, that being said, this morning while my two boys {Oliver and Beau} were heading out the door on a run I wished, can I stay home today?

It got me thinking, a perfect day off...what would I do? There a hundred things I can think of, but I shortened down my list and thought of a few that made its way to the top...

A long breakfast at home with multiple cups of coffee. Reading magazines, watching the Today Show and catching up online. {this picture is from one of those types of mornings last Thanksgiving}

We would take our little Oliver for a long walk by the beach. Recently, having a dog forces us to take long walks and I have to say, I love it. It is one of those times of the days to catch up, get fresh air and exercise and just relax. {this picture of Oliver I snapped a few weeks ago, I LOVE}.

We would be lazy at home for awhile, hanging out in the backyard, relaxing, and then head out for a fancy lunch with a few glasses of wine. {like the photo below at the amazing Soho Beach House} Long lunches are the best!

Maybe an afternoon movie, a little browsing at stores ...dreaming of furniture pieces we can add to our house. Another late afternoon cup of coffee, a stop at the store to buy some ingredients for dinner and then a homemade dinner at home. Maybe a little Scrabble in the backyard afterwards? I know, a little homebody in the event loving me, I think its more and more. The time I have at home with Beau and my puppy are those nights that I love!

Hopefully I can have this perfect day soon. What would yours be?


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