Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Simple Dinner...or a Snack?

Recently my week nights are busier then I imagined. I have networking events for work, research and blog work for the wonderful Floridian Weddings site, making sure my cute puppy Oliver is fed and taken on a nice walk, working out, cleaning, Junior League, social activities, Blog Class, the list goes on. Hey, its life and as I get reminded, it won't slow down. Most nights of the week my Beau works quite late. While I am huge lover of cooking and entertaining, some nights the idea of cooking for one doesn't sound fun at 8:30 at night. This is why I end up eating cheese and crackers, a bowl of soup or my latest love, flavored stove top popped popcorn. Super healthy and delish!

Popcorn Late Night Dinner

I fell in love with all A L'Olivier Oils when I went to the South of France with my bestie Brandi. The basil or the truffle oil are delicious on a simple bowl of popcorn. When Beau and I were in London I made sure to pick some up when I walked by the whole corner of products at Harrods!

A bowl of popcorn and a big glass of wine makes me totally happy for a late night dinner! How about you? What are your snacks you love to eat for dinner?


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