Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday on Lincoln Road

Saturday was an unusual day for plans! Yes, Beau and I were not travelling and we actually had no plans so we decided to head down to Miami for a few hours and do a little shopping. Some people think that Lincoln Road can be a little touristy, but I think it is a great place for shopping in Miami and an amazing place for people watching! One street, no cars allowed with great stores and coffee shops, not bad.

I popped into Anthropologie and couldn't help but squeal with delight when I saw the inside cover of the SugarBaby cookbook! How cute is this! And it is pink!

A coffee stop at the Nespresso cafe. Very European and AMAZING yummy coffee! I had an iced latte, so much prettier then my usual Starbucks in a paper cup. And I love the coffee bar wall with the hundreds of Nespresso boxes.

I have never eaten at the Van Dyke Cafe but every time I walk by it I always think how cute the building is. I snapped a pic this time of the windows covered with the greenery. By the photo you might think I'm in London, not South Beach.

I could not help but share this picture you with. This help sums up the mix of people you see on South Beach. A nice relaxing morning of coffee drinking, shopping and a man in a camo speedo? Such an interesting area to live in!

How was your weekend?


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