Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Weekend! ~ Harry Potter Love!

Last night after a relaxing day out and about with Beau we decided to buy our tickets early and go and see the last Harry Potter. I have to say, once the music came on, I got a little sad that it was ...the last! Like the photo below of Emma Watson {aka Hermione} getting teary eyed at the London Premiere, when the movie ended I was a bit teary I felt, really, all done? Since 2011 we have been watching these amazing movies, looking forward to each and everyone. I remember when studying abroad in London in 2002, we left from King's Cross Station one evening and I was hoping to see, platform 9 3/4! We have seen Harry, Hermione and Ron all grow up on the screen. Oprah ended, now Harry Potter has ended, what now! I loved the movie, I thought it was fabulous, it was a great Saturday night!

How amazing is Emma Watson's gorgeous Oscar de La Renta dress! They are so cute all together again! Wow, remember they were just little ones when part one premiered.
Between watching Harry Potter, checking off my to do list for my upcoming weekend trips and maybe getting a little sunshine, I will browsing these links below.... Happy Weekend!

Need a little review of part 2, read here.

I love Joy's new invites!

With a busy week ahead and not much time at home, I think I will save this recipe for an easy, fresh, fast dinner! Thanks Stiletto Chef.

Jordan's year in Paris keeps getting better and better. It makes me really think, could we take a year off in Paris! Check out her Bastille Day, le sigh!

Thank you for sharing Johnny's link Camille. His photos are well, amazing.

I am on a hunt for a new pair of bright shoes. These wild berry pair or how about the Karolina?

As I'm writing this I am still trying to perfect the perfect french press cup of coffee. Maybe this will help.

I am going to be away for four weekends in a row starting this weekend. I'm taking some of Emily's packing tips by making a list this week.

Enjoy your Sunday! xoxo~Becca

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