Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Sister's Wedding

My oldest sister got married while we were in the States last month and it was such a blast to celebrate with them! I knew when my graphic designer, crazy creative sister said it would just be a casual small celebration...that would be a lie! We arrived two nights before the big day and there was a lot in motion. Her office was full of gold, peach, pinks and splashes of black & white, while that sounds similar to our big day, nope,  it was different. While it may have been a bit stressful getting there, my sister and her husband's wedding was so fab, a little funky, a little DIY, pretty and fun!

I put together a few ideas that inspired me from her big day. Gold metallic photo backdrop fringe, a geometric wedding cake, pops of coral, bright pink floral and lots of sparkle mixed in. 
Scroll down to see images from the real wedding day, it was a blast! 

My sisters wedding was certainly a collaboration of love. While she created so many of the items for the big day, she used her amazingly talented friends for the caterer, the cake, the dj, the photographer and all it came together so well. On the day of we all were hands on deck and helped put together the space. You can see Mr. Beau below working his magic on the ceremony backdrop, this guy, he has backdrop skills for sure after the amount I have him create;) 

We named my sisters wedding dress #ikeacouture. Yes, amazing huh, she had it made from fabric that she purchased months before at Ikea. It truly shows that you can do whatever you want for your wedding day. You do not need to wear a designer ballgown to feel fab. She looked awesome and received a million compliments on her dress. I say, tres chic. 
One of the best parts of the day was being able to cuddle with this little guy, my nephew Maxwell. My sister and I pulled him down the aisle in his decorated wagon and he certainly did steal part of the show, I mean isn't he adorable! I think every wedding needs a decorated wagon with the cutest toddler in it;) 
They incorporated lots of geometric shapes into the reception from the invites to the cake. The little family on the top of the cake was the perfect compliment to their sweet family of three. 
Lots of ideas for the day were created by the bride herself. It shows that little touches like making the staff wear uniforms to go with your theme can completely add to the day. The bartenders in French themed attire {where they spent part of their honeymoon} not only matched parts of the decor but also was also themed to their Paris honeymoon. The bar itself was purchased from IKEA and I think it is such a great simple back bar, I may need to start using mine from my office for events! 
One of my favorite touches for the night that as gifts my sister created four prints for all guests to bring home. Gold foiled prints with love and party quotes on them. Accompanied with my photo booth strips, it certainly reminds me of the fun evening every time I see them. Bride to be? Think of these little touches. Do not feel like you have to give favours just because, make it personal and something your guests will hang in their home or use again, its such a nice treat! 

This weekend went by so quickly and I cherished every minute with Mr. Beau and my family. It was the end of our road trip but such a fun celebration and it shows that you do not have to spend a million pounds to have a fabulous wedding. With splashes of creative ideas, bringing your friends and family on board and lots of good drinks and A LOT of good dance tunes, your wedding will be the best day ever, I promise! 

xoxo - Rebecca

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