Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gift Ideas : One Year Wedding Anniversary, Paper

Monday was our first wedding anniversary and we decided to go classic and follow the American traditional anniversary gifts. While we did buy a ticket {yes, paper!} to Paris for the two of us last weekend, I wanted to get Mr. Beau a little extra to remember our first year of marriage. Paper can be such a mix of things; books, note pads, paper bag with a bottle of champagne in it, does that count? Incase you are celebrating your first wedding anniversary and need some thoughts, I have put together a list of ideas to help. 

1. Graphic Image Daily Journal - I know so many girls have one, but why not get your husband a nice monogrammed day planner for the year ahead, and you can write in all the important dates before! 

2. Concert Tickets - Is the artist who sang your first dance song playing locally nearby? Do you have "a song" and the band is playing soon? Concert tickets are paper! 

3. A Year of Dates - I made my husband a year of dates. I created an image and typed in the date on each one and sealed it an envelope that he is to open on the first day of each month. A gift for both of us to spend time together already scheduled in! 

4. Instagram Photos - I love Polagram! You can print images, posters, framed prints directly from your phone. Why not make a poster of your first year married full of images from your instagram account. 

5. Personalized Stationery - I know so many of us ladies have personalized stationery, but it is so nice to have some as a couple to write notes throughout the year or even get your husband his very first lovely note cards to send out! Personalized Stationery Smythson & Tinyprints Monogrammed Stationery

6. Train Ticket Print - I love the idea of planning a trip away, maybe a city nearby you have wanted to get to for a weekend trip or an excursion close by? I know we have a list of places to go in England! Personalized Train Ticket - Not On the High Street  

7. Personalized Prints - I am loving these prints Emma Block Wedding Illustration | Emma Block London Print I got Mr. Beau a custom print from our wedding to hang up in our flat as a gift for us. Its paper and such a fun and special gift to always have. 

8. Travel Books - Whether you are planning a trip, it is a local book with amazing ideas of things to do together or a beautiful coffee table of where you spent your honeymoon, a paper book is always a nice idea! Here are some of my favs: Alain Ducasse New York Book Where Chefs Eat ,Travel Guide the Amalfi Coast

Happy Anniversary! xoxo - Rebecca


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