Friday, June 12, 2015

I Fancy Friday….our wedding video

What I fancy this Friday, our wedding video. I have shared hundreds of photos our wedding day by now, but I had not shared a bit of our video. I figured since we are celebrating our first year of marriage, why not share our happiness with everyone. Video was something we had wanted but had not budgeted for. A friend of ours recommended Tim Richardson with There4Productions and seriously I couldn't recommend him enough. We decided to add it in and I couldn't be happier that we did. Not only did Tim show up wearing a shirt with palm trees on it {hello you know I love that!} but he wasn't in the way and I barely noticed him throughout the day, doing all of that an managing to capture four small videos that make me cry happy tears every time I watch them. 

I am posting a bit of our ceremony but you can find the other three videos at this link HERE

Still images are AMAZING and I absolutely can not preach enough about investing in an amazing photographer {oh yes Abby!} but there is something about being able to see your wedding day on screen, to be able to hear bits of the day and see everything that may have been a bit of a blur. 

To my amazing husband, seriously not to get sappy, but when I watch this video for the millionth time, I get a HUGE smile and get happy tears in my eyes. Thank you for allowing me to be your wife and continue to support me every day in all I am wanting to be. I know that there will be cloudy days and not every day will be filled with peony filled ballrooms and champagne towers but I also know there will be more filled with sunshine. I also know that even when we are 101 years old, I will see you as this handsome man I married in the white tuxedo and bow tie at the altar, that memory will always be with me. Thank you for always making me smile. Ik you van jou. 

xoxo - Rebecca

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