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Working Women : Aneta Mak Photography

I am so excited to be sharing a little insight into the lovely and talented Aneta Mak's photography world today! I met Aneta when I first moved here to London, meeting up to chat with her about wedding business and our wedding. Unfortunately Aneta was already booked for our big day, however, I was so  glad to have met an amazing lady that day! Aneta's work is beautiful, her personality and professionalism is lovely and you can see it in the reflection of her photos, I truly love her dreamy images she captures  It has been a pleasure getting to know Aneta over the past year and I have to say, she is certainly well deserves that spot on Martha's top photographer list! As one heck of a working women, read on below to be 
inspired by her thoughts on business below! 

When did you start your business? 

I started in 2008 - although it never really felt like a "beginning", more a continuation - it always felt like a natural step to take after drawing for many years, with a focus on monochrome human portraits using chalks and pencils.

What advice do you have for younger women looking to start their own photography business? 

Never be afraid - you have to just go for it. Obviously do your research but over-thinking it kills the idea and the passion - for me anyway. I am an impulsive person in quite a lot of aspects of my life and work - I trust my gut most of the time, so the first thought on a particular subject (or a pair of shoes) is usually the right one :)
 Cheesy but true - fortune favours the brave. 

How would you describe the ideal Aneta Mak couple? 

One who loves beautiful things; is a visual person; loves quality over quantity; someone who loves to mix the new and the old; not afraid to break away from tradition and make it their own; I love people who love to laugh, who say what they feel, who are big and bold in their emotions and displays of affection - and I love those who embrace the understated and the glamorous all in one wedding - not easy to pull off, but when it happens, its simply magical! 
Do you have a trademark style? 

Soft, feminine, natural yet elegant, I love to laugh and I love to photograph my couples being happy on the most important day of their life. I also take great pride in making my images stand the test of time - I prefer to create timeless images rather than try the latest craze. But equally I love to photograph people laugh and smile and cry - the electric atmosphere of a wedding is full of those beautiful moments. I am a people person, I love to observe, so the soft pastel details mixed with careful photojournalistic elements is a nice end product for my couples. 
What is your favourite part about running your own business? What is your LEAST favourite part? 

The least favourite part - admin of course. If I actually believed in Hell, I am convinced it would be an eternity of doing invoices on a buggy computer from the early 90s. I mean, absolute agony. 

Photographing - is definitely the favourite. Being on a shoot / at a wedding - it is so incredibly exciting. The creativity is flowing, the adrenaline is rushing, you are trying new things, meeting new people, visiting new locations - its intoxicating. 
Best Moment of your career so far? 

Totally unexpected and was a complete shock - but being named as one of 3 top wedding photographers in Europe and one of the top in the world by Martha Stewart Weddings was definitely up there - and a real honour of course. I was in such incredible company, and it was very humbling to be picked and listed amongst so many amazing photographers. 

Thank you so much for  sharing your thoughts on the blog today Aneta! Ladies, if you are looking for an engagement shoot, wedding photographer, anniversary shoot, maternity shoot, OK, any beautiful photos, contact Aneta! 

xoxo - Becca

Find Aneta Mak here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram 

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