Tuesday, August 19, 2014

DIY: Gold Edge Business Cards

A few months ago I attended the Blogtacular Conference and I knew that I wanted to get some new business cards to have with me for the event. I have a huge love for gold foil and really wanted some foiled pretty new cards, however that was a little out of the budget I had set. Instead of foil, I took a few minutes on my Luxe Moo Cards and made them fancy in just a few easy steps! 
 What You Need: 

1. Business Cards - made out of a heavy paper stock. 
2. Gold Paint - I preferred Martha Stewart Metallic Paint, Gold
3. Foam Paint Brush 
4. Heavy Can 

 1. Stack up your cards on place a heavy can on top of the cards {a can of tomatoes, maybe two!}. 
2. With the sponge brush dab a small amount of paint, you do not need a lot, a little goes a long way! 
3. Press the pile of cards down with one hand and make sure that your cards are lined up perfectly. 
4. Paint one side of the stacked cards at a time, lightly. As I said, a little paint goes a long way. 
5. LET DRY! Make sure that the paint is very dry before removing the can and removing the cards. 
6. Separate cards. 

*try a few cards at once. Pressing firmly down on the stack and making sure all the cards are lined up perfectly, will avoid paint on the front of the card and ONLY the sides. A trial run is always good. 

That is it! They are not gold foil, but I think they look pretty nice with the metallic gold peaking out on the sides.

xoxo - Becca


  1. That is one nifty trick! No one said business cards need only contain your contact details. This would certainly help catch a person's eye when you give it to them! Well of course, you still have to use high-quality paper and stunning graphics. But with the golden edges, the cards would be easily spotted. Thanks for sharing!

    Lisa Thompson @ Controlled Color

  2. Nice! I bet the guests who received those cards were quite impressed with them. Always having a business card handy is a good way to make an impression, and continuously stay in touch with potential clients. I hope the business cards you gave away in that event lead to more clients knocking at your doorstep. Thanks for sharing your DIY tricks!

    Jamie Reeves @ Click Business Cards

  3. Really eye catching business cards design it is, that is new generation business card design using gold foil. Thanks you for sharing it. keep posting and keep sharing.
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