Monday, August 25, 2014

The First Year Flat

Mr. Beau and I have been living in our London flat for almost two years now. We are so lucky to have found a spacious flat, right on a park for Sir Oliver and also big enough to fit most of our house from Florida in our little flat. That being said, since we moved here, we have been engaged and decorating was not top on my priority list. We have a nice flat, we have decorated and have lots of nice things, however, there is a lot of room for improvement, too much STUFF, too much clutter and time to jazz it up! I decided to start a new series called "The First Year Flat". A little look into our flat as it transforms into our "home" as newlyweds during the first year of our married life! 

 Mr. Beau and I dated long distance for almost three years before I moved down to Florida. That being said, we are still in the state of having things that were once mine from my DC flat and his from his apartments. We moved to Florida, we moved it to London and well, now it is time to renovate and sort it out and make a home for us. Above is a photo of our back room at the current state it is. We are SO lucky to even have a second room in the city, however, we should really use it as a room, not as storage and ironing. We have decided to make some changes! I've put together a few ideas of things on our list below and would love to hear your ideas and what you have DIYed yourself, London bargains you have found. I can't wait to keep you posted on the progress. 

1. Turn our bedroom into a pretty place to sleep and not a walk in storage room. We received beautiful bed linens for our wedding and have drapes to hang up, lets just do it! First project, a DIY nail headboard, I'm so in love. 

 2. Create an office - I currently have my desk in the living room where I spend many hours blogging, creating projects, etc. Mr. Beau uses the dining room table. We want to make the bigger room into an office for both of us and give me a place to store my many boxes of crafting/event decor items. 

3. New Wall in our Bedroom - I LOVE this quote below from Deborah Llyod's Kate Spade office wall! We have a gallery wall in the hallway, but I was thinking to add something funny and bold above our bed. Soon we will have wedding photos to add and souvenirs from the year, and it would due fun to hang them up and surround a quote with them! 

4. It is time to JAZZ up the bathroom - Our guest bathroom is cute and simple, however our master {OK, kind of, I wouldn't refer to it as MASTER, but for a flat, bigger!} has some yucky tiles and not a lot of storage. It could use some photos on the wall and somewhere to tuck away our daily beauty routines so our deodorants and face wash do not take over the counter! 

5. Make the Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen more grown up - We have a gorgeous table and lovely pieces in our dining room and living room, however, its a bit mismatched right now. My gorgeous cake stands hide out in the back of the kitchen counter where they could be organized in something pretty and simple below. 

6. IKEA hacks are amazing! The shelves below were spray painted gold and lined with marble paper and voila, they look fancy and expensive! This would be a perfect place to get the clutter off the counter and organize it here. 

I was telling Mr. Beau last week that with all the goals and projects I am currently working on, until we get our home fixed up, I feel like I can not dive into them. I truly feel if your surroundings do not reflect the pretty, inspiring dreams you have and want, then you need to create that environment first and live it daily. Below I have put together a few things on our list. We have a goal to have small pieces done by January 1st. Wish us luck! 

xoxo - Becca

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