Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My US Bridal Shower

Our wedding may be over, however, the memories live on with me every day! Hundreds of times a day I think over the past year, the past few months of celebrating, crafting, more celebrating and well finally, our big day{I think of that A LOT!}. Now that I have had some time to sit back, relax and breathe, I am catching up on my emails, work and blog posts and can not wait to rewind and share some inspiration with you from our past few months!
 First up, my amazing DC Bridal Shower in the States! Scroll down to see the fun details my bridesmaids planned. 
I was oh so lucky to be able to fly back to the States and be joined with my sisters, my mom, our family friends, my girlfriends and my bridesmaids in Washington D.C. for my hen do/bridal shower weekend. It was a flurry of fun activities that my friends had planned for the entire weekend, from Friday night drinks, dinner and hair appointments, my bridal tea on Saturday, makeovers, fancy French dinners and wine tastings. It was amazing to see how well my friends know me and to know that dressing up in pink ruffles and drinking wine is much more my style and sound of fun then needing to go out to a club. It was truly an amazing weekend surrounded by all the ladies in my life! I was thrilled to have them there to celebrate me becoming a Mrs. 
Being that I live in London, my bridesmaids were so cute and created a make your own fascinator station. My peony was a bit large and ridiculous and well, I loved every minute of wearing it, are you surprised! 
The shower was held at the Tabard Inn in downtown DC, near Dupont Circle. The Tabard Inn has always been one of my favorite spots for brunch and is so charming in the middle of the city. A morning full of mimosas, tea sandwiches and scones was perfect! 
 My bridesmaids took pictures of everyone with a chalkboard and asked them to write a little note of how they knew me on it. On the morning of my wedding, they gave me a beautiful album with gorgeous letters that they had written with the pictures included. I will forever cherish it! 
 As some of you may know, my oldest sister was 8 months pregnant at the time of my bridal shower, so unfortunately she was not able to make it to my wedding. I was so terribly sad not having her celebrate on my wedding day, but so thankful that she was there to celebrate on my shower weekend! The big news is….I now have an adorable healthy little baby boy nephew Max that arrived this past Sunday! Yes, my family has been celebrating for months! 
I can not wait to wear my Camilyn Beth dress again soon for another event! 
Bridal Showers are not a very big thing here in the UK and well, I think it is time they start to be! There is nothing like having a party to celebrate getting married and being surrounded by the most important ladies in your life. It was such a nice break in the wedding planning process and it made me even more excited to marry my husband and thankful for all of the people around us who have made us the couple we are today! 

Thank you ladies for making my weekend so special!!!!

xoxo- Becca


  1. Such a lovely bridal shower. :) If I ever gonna get married I'll have some manicure, cakes, and a nice dinner at the evening. I don't even drink so clubbing . . . urrgh . . . not me.

  2. We preferred this place because they were all-inclusive, and the truth is that their staff is really professional and made planning our wedding much easier.


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