Monday, July 21, 2014

What's in the Name? - Urban Flip Flops

I get this question quiet often, "Urban Flip Flops, oh what is that about?". So if you are a new reader, you have been reading my blog since my move across the pond or you have been reading my blog since the beginning, I thought I would give a quick catch up on what is Urban Flip Flops and what it is all about ?
I've been wanting to do a little FAQ's post for awhile but I thought, hey, no time then the better! After FIVE years writing this blog, I thought it would be fun to catch up So here goes…..

Why Urban Flip Flops? 
I started this blog back in 2009 {OH MY! Check out my first post, eeeeek} After thinking of many names for a travel blog, food blog, fashion blog, wedding blog, my sister had a great idea with Urban Flip Flops. I was in the middle of moving from Washington D.C., a city I had loved for years, and moving to Florida near the beach with my Beau. The name of the blog stuck with me and after living in Florida for two years and moving back to the city, to London, I felt it was only right to keep it. The flip flops from the city to the beach and back to the city. Urban Flip Flops. 

What do I write about? 
In the last two years I have written mainly about weddings and events. The blog is truly a little place for me to share things I love; things I love to do, recipes, style, travel ideas, items I have found around the web, wedding tips & traditions, DIY projects and everything in between. I am an event planner professionally and when living in Florida I started a Florida wedding blog {check it out, their amazing}.  When I moved to London it was a bit natural that my blog turned more into my event ideas and wedding inspiration corner of the world with a little splash of my life sprinkled in. A little bit weddings, a little bit lifestyle.

Is your husband's name Beau? 
No. My husbands name is not Beau, but that is what I have referred to him for years on my blog. Not wanting to use his name on the site, I started referring to him as "Beau", and well, it has stuck!

Why do we live in London? 
My husband was offered a job in London two years ago. I studied abroad here during university and completely loved this city. Excited about the opportunity to live abroad, we packed up our house and moved across the pond.

Did you get Sir Oliver in London or bring him from the States? 
Sir Oliver {our three year old Australian Shepard puppy #siroliveruk} came over with us from the States, I wrote a post about the moving experience here. It was not an easy thing to bring a dog from the US to the UK, but being that he is like our child, we couldn't leave him behind. I get a lot of emails about bringing our dog over and well, it is hard to find a flat that allows them and it is like having a child with finding dog walkers and daycare, however, we love him and couldn't imagine it here without him.

Are you available for wedding planning assistance?
Yes! I love assisting couples with their wedding planning! If you are looking for help the week of your big day, with design ideas, venue ideas or do not even know where to start with the whole idea, send me a note and lets connect!

Did you get married in London? 
Yes. We got married in Fulham and had our beautiful reception at Fulham Palace in June. I will post photos as soon as the professional photographs are ready, for now I am saving them.

Can I post a guest post on your blog? 
I do enjoy sharing other bloggers and creative companies with my readers. Please do reach out to me if you think you could be a good fit. I post only brands, companies and ideas that I truly think are a good fit for Urban Flip Flop readers.

Thank you so much for reading Urban Flip Flops over the past few years! I have met an amazing group of people through my site and look forward to growing more and more. Please do feel free to reach out to me with any questions and if you want to do any projects together, I am always up for a little flip flop of inspirations and ideas!

xoxo - Becca

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