Friday, July 4, 2014

I Fancy Friday v. 30 : Peach Blossom {Guest Post}

Happy Friday lovely ladies! My my, my first week back at work and no easing into it, nope, I've been crazed! Wishing I was back in Positano if I can be quite honest! Well, that being said, I am excited to be in London, back at home for the weekend and spend it relaxing with my husband, no projects to complete, just fun. Speaking of my wedding projects though, I am so glad to share a lovely shop to help you with some projects or planning your wedding today! I asked Alyssa from the delightfully fun shop, Peach Blossom to share some of her Friday favs, since I will be out celebrating the big 4th of July here in the UK! Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy! 

1. Zara Pineapple Bookend - I'm just about to move house so I've been obsessively looking at interior blogs, magazines and Pinterest. When I spotted these pineapple bookends from Zara Home I knew I just had to have them! Deliciously quirky but beautifully classic too thanks to their matte white colour - I can't wait to use them!

2. Dune leopard shoes - I'm slightly concerned that my obsession with leopard print might go a bit far and one day I'll leave the house in head-to-toe leopard. To do that though I'll need some leopard print shoes to match the rest of my outfit and these beauties from Dune will do just the trick. Their soft faux fur appearance adds a lovely luxe look to these otherwise casual slip-ons. But don’t worry, I’ll reign in the head-to-toe look ;)

3. Stella and Dot Necklace - My friends bought me a Stella and Dot necklace for my birthday recently and now I love everything Stella and Dot! I especially love this statement necklace, no doubt it would instantly transform whatever you're wearing.

4. Harry Josh Hair Dryer - Hair-Stylist-To-The-Stars Harry Josh has created the ultimate hair dryer which will apparently leave your hair super sleek and frizz free and blow dry your hair a zillion times faster than a traditional hairdryer - I definitely like the sound of that! Trouble is, it's only possible to get it shipped from the States at the moment. Come on, Harry - our tresses need blow-drying too, you know!

5. Deluxe Tissue Fan - Ok, so this Fancy is cheating a little bit because this is one of the products we stock in the Peach Blossom shop - but I just love these fans! They can be used for your wedding or at a party and whether you cluster them together or hang them individually they are bound to make an impact thanks to their size. We've stocked these for a while but I'm always in awe of how great they look whenever I use them. The fact they come in 18 different colours is pretty handy too!

Thank you SO much for sharing your Fancy Friday Favs with us Alyssa! If you are searching for some party supplies or wedding supplies you must visit Peach Blossom! I miss my US crafts stores here in the UK and I was glad to find the site because Alyssa has been stocking a lot of party staples that you can't seem to find everywhere in London and she is always adding to her inventory. 

Some of my favs from the Shop: 

Pink Milk Glass Cake Stand - we had one of these on our big day and I can't wait to keep it in my kitchen FOREVER! 

Cake Slice for Two Box - What an adorable idea to give guests as they leave, or even at a party, to give guests some breakfast cake for the day after your soiree. 

Floral Print Straws - I love a stripy straw, however, these caught my eye for a fun Summer picnic party. 

Ice Cream Cone Tissue Decor - Ummmmm how AMAZING are these! When can I host a party with these?!?!

Metallic Paper Fans - While yes, I do love you metallic fans! I must have a new years party this year with these EVERYWHERE! 

Thank you Alyssa!!! 

xoxo - Becca

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  1. Those ice cream cone tissues are the sweetest! Some fantastic crafty inspiration here!


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