Monday, April 7, 2014

Wedding Traditions: The Groom's Cake

Beau and I are down to less then three months with planning our wedding, eeekk. We are now planning the little details and recently something will come up where It makes me think about when the tradition begin. Traditions such as; something borrowed something blue, wedding veils, throwing confetti and especially the Groom's Cake. When did these traditions start and why? I love traditions with a lovely meaning so I thought over the next few weeks it would be to fun to share those ideas with you. First up this week, the groom's cake. The cake that many people consider an American tradition, actually begin here in the UK! 
{Armadillo Cake on Southern Weddings}
The tradition of having a separate cake for the groom is now known as more of a Southern American wedding tradition, however, the groom's cake actually begin in the Victorian era here in England. In addition to having the main wedding cake, there would be a smaller cake next to the main wedding cake for the bride and one for the groom. At the end of the wedding the smaller cakes were served and the grooms cake was served to the unmarried female guests. 
{Operation Cake on Style Unveiled}
The story goes that the unmarried women would sleep with a slice of the groom's cake under their pillow and dream of their future husband that night! However, with a few glasses of bubbly on the dance floor, was that dream a little foggy?;) That being said, I love the story! 
 {Champagne Cake on Southern Weddings  & Chocolate Praline Cake on Southern Weddings}
The tradition of the groom's cake eventually made it over to the US and the popularity of a separate smaller cake for the groom stayed popular, especially in the South. The tradition still continues till today when often the groom's cake is a nice idea to showcase a hobby, passion or love that the groom has, as so much spotlight is placed on the bride throughout the day. The groom's cake started as a traditional English fruitcake but has now become popular in less traditional wedding cake flavors like; chocolate, liquor, peanut butter and even interesting combinations with cheese. 
 {Maryland Crab Cake on Fancy Cakes by Leslie }
 {Donut Cake on OneWed}
You often see the groom's cake as a really fun cake that is decorated with the groom's favorite sports team, favorite hobby, favorite food, drink, etc. However, I think there are also fun ways to honor your new Mr. without over decorating the cake. Does your husband to be love going out for breakfast at your local diner? How about a cake all decorated with doughnuts! Or is his favorite movie popcorn Reese Peanut Butter cups, why not decorate the cake like one for the big day!
 {Peanut Butter Cup Cake from Williams Sonoma}
{Cookie Cake from B.Loved Weddings}
Is the groom a big fan of Golf? The cake below is an amazing cake that even includes personalized golf balls! 
 {Golf Cake by Brooke Roberts Photography}
Another way to honor your groom is by where he is from, somewhere you lived together, somewhere you love to holiday! I love the below cake because my beau is Dutch and if I were to get him a groom's cake, this would be a perfect choice! It is small, decorated not to elaborate but also clearly showcases a big importance in his life, where he is from. 
{Dutch Wedding Cake by Our Daily Food}
I would love to hear from you about what wedding traditions you would like to read about! Did you know the meaning behind the groom's cake? See you in a couple weeks with more wedding traditions explained! 

xoxo - Rebecca


  1. Love this! I never knew where the tradition came from! We had a grooms cake (and live in the south). I feel like the first time I heard of one was from the movie "steel magnolias"

  2. My mom always saved a little piece of wedding cakes for Meg and me in a napkin for us to sleep on that night. Can't say the dream part ever worked, but I loved the romantic idea of it, and I'm never one to refuse getting cozy with some cake!


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