Friday, April 25, 2014

Wedding Traditions: Something Old, Something New...

Following up on last weeks wedding traditions, I thought I would share one tradition that everyone knows about, but does not always know the meaning of. Our big day is around the corner, and I love knowing the meaning behind the tradition, the symbolism and story about why couples have been doing things for years now. This week I thought I would share the meaning behind, " Something Borrowed, Some Blue, Something Old, Something New" and the British ending.... and a Sixpence in your shoe". 
{Image by James Moes via Style Me Pretty}
This traditions is an old English rhyme. The rhyme is about four items that a bride adds to her wedding outfit and carries with her as good luck charms. It has got me thinking about the little things to add on to me big day a lot! Who doesn't want good luck! 
Something old represents continuity; maybe an heirloom piece of jewelry from your grandmother who had a lovely long marriage, maybe a vintage locket with photos of your parents on their wedding day.
  Something new are the little tokens of love your mother, sister,or husband to be may give you on your wedding day. Maybe he gives you new earrings, a framed picture of your engagement, a new pair of shoes, something new to remember this day as the beginning of your marriage forever! 
{Image by Abby Jiu via Style Me Pretty }
Something blue, often the most well known and most seen, symbolizes the purity and love for one another as a married couple. A simple blue bow tied under your dress, blue sole shoes, or how about a blue heart painted on one nail? 
{Image via Southern Weddings  by Heather Forsythe}
This part of the rhyme you sometimes do not hear in the States...sixpence in your shoe. This is a wish for good fortune and prosperity as a married couple. I use to think it was crazy, but actually I kind of love the idea! Maybe I'll stick a penny in my shoe on our big day, why not.

{image from Southern Weddings, photographer Stephanie Yonce}

Did you incorporate these ideas into your big day? Did your groom write you a sweet note and give you a new gift, did you wear blue lingerie under your dress, did you borrow your mothers earrings? I'm still thinking of the ways to do it on the 15th of June, however, if it brings good luck, I will be there. 
{image by Katie Lopez, featured on Floridian Weddings}

xoxo - Rebecca

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