Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Planning our Wedding: Where & When

It has been two weeks now since Beau got down on his knee and proposed to me! I really can NOT believe how time has flown since then. Two weeks ago we were in NYC, drove back to my parents in Virginia, went to DC to see friends and moved to London, craziness. Many of you have asked about when we are getting married and where we will get married, so I thought I would start the series on Planning our Wedding with the first post: Where & When. 

A few of our Thoughts: 

Honestly, as much as a lot of you may not believe me, we are not starting to plan our wedding yet, yes, it is true! I had drinks with my DC girlfriends last week and everybody said, "Sure you aren't planning it, riiiight!  You probably have a binder already put together with all the plans that you have been working on for years." Truthfully, I do not. Working in the events business since I have been in college, working part time in wedding planning over the years, writing for a wedding blog and reading wedding magazines galore since high school, yes, you would believe I have every detail ready to go and we could get married tomorrow, well I do not. I have learned quickly, when it is your wedding and not a client's, it makes you step back and really think about every little detail just a little bit more. 

My older sister is getting married in November in Seattle, Beau's brother just had a little baby boy, we just moved to London, I'm looking for what is next for me, Beau started a new job and we need a place to live. So with all that we have going on, we have decided to keep the wedding planning details to ourselves until after the holidays. London, DC, NYC, Holland, Florida, who knows where we will get married! I do know, that we are both beyond excited and this is one wedding that we are going to take our time planning and enjoy every little detail! I can not wait to keep you posted along the way! 


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  1. I love that you're taking some time just for you guys! Pinterest + Blogs will still be there when you decided to jump in! And with moving country you certainly deserve a breather before jumping in! Hope you're enjoying your time in London!:)


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