Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Running Playlist 2012

It has been awhile since I posted a play list. After two weeks of being away in Europe indulging in a lot of bread and cheese, beer and wine, apple pie and stoopwaffles, well, it is time to get back in the workout game! I know I have said it 101 times, however, this time it must happen. Losing weight is no fun, but as it is known, it is easy to put it on and a pain the butt to take it off. Oh yes, the time spent in cafes eating cookies and drinking coffee and going to the pub and having fried snacks and beer were fun and relaxing. Now I'm back in Florida and determined to take off the weight once and for all.

First up today is my new running play list to get me going this Summer. Any Summer tunes you love to get you up and running? Let me know! I love adding some fast new songs to my play list.

Running Playlist June 2012 by Rebecca D'Amato on Grooveshark

Happy running, walking, biking, exercising! xoxo~Becca



    This song isn't like all the other workout songs people usually listen to. I like it because the song is catchy and you don't hear it on the radio everyday so it keeps it interesting. At times is can be a bit slower, so I usually listen to it on the elliptical and push harder during the chorus!
    Regardless if this isn't your type of workout song, it's super fun and catchy to just listen to while cleaning the house or getting ready to go out!
    XO Mary

  2. oooo I love the song! Thanks for sharing:) GREAT for running up the incline!


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