Thursday, May 3, 2012

Featured: Chevrons & Stripes

I was so excited to have Sarah over at the adorable blog, Chevrons and Stripes ask me to put together an IT List for her today. I really love this series that she has put together with items that bloggers are recently loving. As most of my friends know, there is often a new dress, a new shoe, a lipstick, something, that I am obsessing over. It was hard for me to make a list and narrow it down, but Sarah put it together great and I think it really shows my current faces. Hop on over to Chevrons & Stripes to see the post!



  1. Love the list (and Georgetown Cupcakes) and so fun to discover a great new blog!

    1. thank you! ...miss a nice Georgetown red velvet! Yes, Sarah's blog is great. I hope you like it. xoxoThanks for reading:)


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