Thursday, May 31, 2012

Running Wardrobe

I'm back and ready for a run! I hope you liked my new playlist from earlier today and are itching to put your shoes on and get out for a jog. It is only the end of May here but it feels like July, it is HOT! I am in Summer running mode and want to throw on shorts and bright colored items. Here are a few of my favorites for my runs and a couple for after the run. 

Healthy List!

1. I have one of these breathable tops from Lululemon and am obsessed. I want one in every color. For a hot day the shirt has an attached bra and gives you a nice breeze.

2. My obsession with stripes continues in shorts. 

3. I am WAY past due for a new pair of shoes. I would love these Nikes for my class at OT.

4. Little balls on your socks remind me of being a little girl. Of course, they are from Kate! Kate Spade Socks

5. The best little thing to keep your keys in, id, maybe some change for a beverage after? Lululemon Key Wristband

6. These hair ties are great because they do not pull your hair and they are cute!

7. Post Run I am loving BOTH of these snacks!  


  1. That top looks perfect for warm weather workouts and I love the stripey Nikes. And I definitely will try that pineapple snack.

    1. I LOVE the top! I have a light blue one and for hot days its AWESOME! Highly recommended. Can I win the lottery and only wear Lulu for workouts;) ADDICT~


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