Monday, March 29, 2010

the vegan way

So last week I was reading an article about Food Inc. I had already watched the movie and it had really made me start thinking about what we eat and what we put into our bodies. I thought to myself, "hhhmmmm, could I really be a vegetarian, could I really be vegan?". Working in the catering business I am faced with dietary requests daily. I have an event for 1,000 guests and I will receive a request for one gluten free, one no seeds, one vegan no sugar. There are so may requests recently it is a daily task for me. Now a days there is about every thing you can think of! I have always considered myself a fairly healthy person. I try to eat locally and organic when I can. I have tried over the past year to really cut out a lot of processed foods and health "junk" (Pirates Booty is not good for me, just because it is Organic!). So as Easter is creeping up on me I thought, well why don't I try out a vegan diet for a week to see how it feels. So here I am...Day #4.

Ok, I am not writing and saying that I am going to practice a vegan d
iet moving forward, no. I enjoy a nice cheese with a glass of wine, I love a nice filet and some great grilled fish, however I do understand the principle behind it. I can understand why people do not want to eat all of the food that is produced in industrialized food manufacturers now a days. Did you know that there are now 10 billion animals raised and killed in America and nearly all of them are inhumanely treated. Hearing this does not quite make me want to go out and have a chicken barbecue.

I believe that supporting Local Farmer Joe and his practice to humanely and fairly kept produce and animals while keeping up his organic farm is the right way to go. It makes me feel better knowing where the food on my plate comes from. I am pretty sure that I can not eat this way every day, but I believe if we make a conscious decision as much as we can, maybe it would change the ordering in the fast food industry, the Walmarts, the delis, everywhere. The past few days I have had to stop, read the nutrition labels and say, "nope", this contains or MAY contain animal products. I have actually become to like my vegan diet and can see how it can give you a kick of energy. Here is sampling of what I have been eating....

- Hummus and Carrots
- English Muffins and Peanut Butter
- Irish Oatmeal and Blueberries
- Mixed Nuts
- Brown Rice
- Whole Fruit
- Kashi Crackers
- Whole Fruit Sorbet
- Wine (always!)
-Sweet Potatoes (roasted and baked)
- Roasted Beets with Roasted Garlic and Pine nuts
- Salads with Roasted Veggies
- Alternative Baking Cookies - Pumpkin Spice, yum
See, the list sounds yummy doesn't it! Alicia Silverstone (yep, fabulous CLUELESS star) just wrote a NY Times bestseller about her Kind Life book. The book is full of tips regarding the Kind Life, be it health, fitness, fashion, decor. The book is really informative on the Vegan way of life.

I think I will crave a burger and a bowl of real ice cream, but I am looking forward to seeing how I feel after this week. I see my requests at work through a different eye now. I can agree after reading up on the Vegan way why people may not want to eat animal products. hhhmmm what are your thoughts? I could write for days.

Off to enjoy a cup of tea. xoxo~ Becca

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