Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Appy Tuesday!

OK, I have a little iphone addiction. Yes, I can't seem to remember what my life was like without this little amazing phone, ipod, camera, computer, etc. etc. I truly love it! Recently I have realized how many amazing Apps there are are to get! Day after day I seem to discover a new app for my phone. For fun, for business, for pictures, for music. I hope you enjoy them like I do!

Mphotobooth - I heart black and white photo booths. There is something so fun about getting your picture taken candidly in front of the red drape in a photo booth. fun fun fun.Aroundme - A great thing to have when you are travelling and think, "Where is the nearest coffee shop?"....just click on Around me and it will show you the nearest coffee shop, restaurant, hospital, movie theatre and so much more.

Shakeitphoto - So you love a Polaroid picture, me too! I may not carry around a Polaroid camera in my purse, but I wish I did! Shakeitphoto allows you to use your existing photos or take a new picture and it turns into a Polaroid! I love the fact that you even have to shake it and it fades slowly like the real thing.

Shazm - Yes, it is one of the original apps, but I will ALWAYS love it. I love when I am out in a store or watching a show and I think, "hhhhm, what is this song?". In an instance Shazm looks up the song and stores them for me to buy later on. This is the app we all need! It is an essential.

Loseit - So I will start by saying, I need to use this more, however, its great! This app allows you to track every single thing you eat, and every time you work out. It is amazing to see how quickly calories add up during the day. The app is great because it connects to the Internet and can look up thousands of food brands for you.

Business Card Reader - I get so many business cards and find them in every purse, desk, drawer, home, office, everywhere. This app is awesome because you just take a picture of the card and of the information is stored into your contacts.

Words Free - Scrabble. Beau and I both downloaded the app and we play hours away from each other during the day. It's fun!

Apps, making life more fun and more easy! ....sorry if your not an IPhone junkie like me...you should really think of joining the club:)


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