Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I heart Blogs

Pink Lemonade. Cute Name. Cute Blog. Pink Lemonade is a cute blog written about fashion, decor and books. I love a blog that makes me smile as I browse through it.
{Favorite Books are always posted. Audrey, Sigh....}
{I love beautiful bookshelves. I have a thing for them with color coordinate books. I long for a large wall of built in bookshelves.}
{The blog writer has her first book coming out this Fall. J'adore New York. I do J'adore chick lit.}
{Pretty flowered shirt with pretty flowered necklaces.}
{The author is always writing about books she loves. Books to read. I can not wait for the Sex and the City prequel to come out by Candice Bushnell. I think it will be a fun look into what Carrie's life was Pre Mr. Big, Pre Vogue, Pre fabulousness. The Carrie Diaries.}

Keep blogging! xoxo~Becca

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