Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Oscars 2010!

The Academy Awards! One of my favorite nights of the year! I absolutely LOVE watching the red carpet arrivals and the actors accept their awards. There is always a little high school theatre girl in me imagining being on that stage at the Kodak Theatre. I know, funny huh! Hey, a girl can still dream.

How cute was Audrey Hepburn with her Oscar in 1953!

Sunday night was full of interesting and pretty fashion choices. Here are a few of my favorites.

{The Twilight Cast! Some of them... Edward where were you??? Kristen looked grown up and very pretty, minus her awkward uncomfortable presentation. Anna Kendrick looked beautiful as a nominee. And well Taylor, I added him, no Edward, Jacob looked good for the night}
{Demi Moore looks amazing. I mean really! She is 46 and she looks like she is 26! The nude peachy colored Versace was hot.}
{Whatever. say what you want! Hot pink and full of ruffles, I loved it. It is kind of like her character in Up in the Air. You want to hate her but she did such a good job! The same as the dress, you want to hate it but secretly you love it. Way to go Vera Farmiga for wearing the bold Marchesa dress. Can I borrow it?}
{This dress fit Maggie Gyllenhaal's artsy funky independent spirit personality perfect. I thought she looked beautiful, pretty, like she was having a great time. The bold Dries van Noten dress was a wonderful choice for her.}
{Mrs. Best Actress 2010! Sandra Bullock I thought you looked like true Hollywood glamour. Say what you will, dull, boring, not Oscar enough. I loved it. I thought she looked dressed for the occasion in a very Hollywood glam gold dress with the punch of gold on her lips. Marchesa did it again!}
{Oh Rachel McAdams! Total girl crush. She is so cute I just love her. I thought this Elie Saab dress was just stunning on her. She liked so feminine and pretty without looking like she was trying to dress up in a wedding dress or try to be older then she is. The dress looked even better as Jake Gyllenhaal escorted her on stage. oooo, cute couple could be!}
{I truly thought my mom was crazy yesterday when she kept talking about the cool dress that Carey Mulligan was wearing with little miniature scissors and forks and spoons on it. I kept think, what? She was right! This Prada dress was absolutely awesome! So fun!}
{Zoe Saldana, Avatar's leading lady. I had mixed feelings on this dress but I truly think I love it. The sparkly Givenchy is like no other. The beading towards the top was so beautiful. The bottom, was ruffle heaven and a but overwhelming. HOWEVER, as the night went on I learned to love it, it was like a work of art! Go over the top! It's the Oscars!}
{I thought Nicole and Joel were a FABULOUS couple!}
{I had to add young Hollywood. How cute were Vanessa and Zac! I though they were alll loooking so amazing. And the Jonas brothers, cute.}

Cameron Diaz, pretty dress, the hair I thought made her look like she was going to a Texas Deb Ball. SJP, you are amazing, cool dress but TOO tan! Miley Cyrus, you annoy me but I did like your dress, just stand up straight!!!!

I may have not been able to walk the red carpet Sunday, but I did get to attend a really fun event at the St. Regis. A Vista Events provided all of the decor and the place looked AMAZING! There were five themed rooms all styled after a Best Picture nominee. I didn't get great pictures but I wanted to share something.
The UP room had a replicate of the house with the balloons, so cute. The room was complete with a Cherries Jubilee station. yum! The Avatar room had a Tree of Souls in the center bar. Really fun room! The Up in the Air room was my favorite. A Vista created tables in the shapes of clouds suspended them from the ceiling with all ghost chairs around. The bar in the room had mini bottles like you would be served on a plane. The truffle and champagne bar had mini bags of peanuts. The room was great! There was a room themed towards An Education with all English beers and liquors, chalkboard covered tables. The Inglorious Bastard room was draped in red velvet and gold. It was great evening! I wore, Juicy Couture, maybe not Chanel Couture, but couture all the same. haha.

Till next year! xoxo~Becca

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