Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Hello! Hola! Hoi!

I apologize for my break in blogging. I have had a crazy few weeks of travelling. February started with a trip to the Netherlands, a wedding in Mexico, a wine and food festival in South Beach. I love travelling but I have really enjoyed my weekend in D.C., laying on my couch, catching up with friends. I am back and will be blogging away on Urban Flip Flops. It was a like a little break for awhile. .....tonight the Oscars are on! I can't wait to catch up tomorrow about all of the winners, dresses and glamour. Oooo, wish I was travelling to L.A.!
{an afternoon beer in Amsterdam}
{Beautiful tulips at a market in the Netherlands}
{The beautiful newlyweds dancing the night away. Mariana and Blake Mastalir}
{Me and my beau at the wedding reception in Mexico}
{The amazing wedding reception}
{BAM! Emeril at the Food Festival}
{Me at the France tent. I had a great day tasting!}


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