Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Terrain @ Styers

After a long stressful weekend (last week) I decided it was best for me to head out of DC. I packed up my stuff and hopped on the train to Philly for the day. My dear friend Christa and her hubby Jerry were so sweet to allow me to tag along on their holiday filled day at Terrain. I had no idea what I was getting into.

Terrain at Styers is the amazing home/garden/lifestyle store that the fabulous creators of Anthropologie opened outside of Philadelphia. Terrain is way more then a store! I had thought we were going to a nursery, ok, whatever. Terrain was amazing! It had lightly snowed the evening before, so as we walked up to the store, the Christmas Trees for sale were covered in white and smelled like the Holiday Season. There was a fire pit with blankets on benches next to the trees. We found out later that we had just missed the afternoon marshmallow roast! (next time).

The Poinsettia house was filled with multiple types of poinsettia's, orchids, hydrangeas with a mix of fancy gardening tools. My eye is always drawn to the flowers and the fixtures thinking, "How could I use this for a party?". The fancy gardening tools....since I do not have a yard, nope, not now.

The main store had displays of bath items, cooking supplies, light fixtures, stationary, trees, flowers, it was gorgeous. If I had a house I would want to come here and buy everything to decorate with and plant around the yard. I settled on two small paper white bulbs and a snow pine scented candle. The display of bulbs was so impressive compared to buying them at the local Home Depot. The Voluspa candle makes me feel like I have a real pine tree instead of a 3ft tinsle tree.

At the back of the store is where the impressive cafe stands. We grabbed some coffee and cookies but I was very intrigued by the organic yummy brunch menu. Next time I visit Christa and I are totally driving there for a dinner. I believe there is an Anthropologie across the street! hello!

So if you are around Philly make it a point to visit Terrain. It was a wonderful place! SO much more then a nursery.....something for everybody!


I want to start but apologizing for my delay in blogging. For the next few weeks I may have a few delays on the blog front. I also may be changing the blog name. No worries, I will fill you in if I do! I am going through quite a lot of flip flops. I'll post soon. Happy Holidays!


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