Tuesday, December 22, 2009

holiday sweets

I'm a girl with a MAJOR sweet tooth. The holiday season gets my mind dreaming of holiday goodies before Thanksgiving is even over. I have wonderful memories of my sisters, me and my mom decorating sugar cookies for hours. We were never a family to make pre sliced cookies....oh no! We would spend hours, days, baking the sugar cookies, rolling them out, cutting out many different designs and decorating them. Decorating sugar cookies has started to be an art to my family. Martha Stewart has truly taken over our sugar cookie skills!

Tonight I am flying away to Seattle to spend the holidays at my sisters new fabulous place. The D'Amato family will be drinking lots of vino and no doubt, consuming a lot of cookies.

This lavender snowflake inspired dessert buffet is so pretty. I love the snowflakes on the cake.

Last week I went over to my friend Besse's for a night of cookie decorating, catching up, drinking bubbles and watching Rudolph. I saw these gingerbread men with ties and stole the idea and made a Chuck and Blair gingerbread couple. Too cute!

Every year I am very intrigued to make my own croque em bouche. The layers of profiteroles layered in caramel are just as yummy and sweet as they look. Maybe this year I will take a shot at it. It looks so intimidating!

OMG! I think I lost my breath when I saw these photos. Of course, Amy Atlas is at it again. I dream of waking up and being part of Amy Atlas's amazing dessert team! This year Amy created a holiday party for O magazine. How much better does it get, Oprah and Amy Atlas! LOVE! Check out the entire set of photos on Amy's sweet site here.



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