Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Planning for the New Year

At the beginning of every year I search and search for what agenda to purchase. There is something I love about writing in a calendar. I still use my iPhone for a majority of my appointments but there is something I love about writing in a paper agenda and seeing the big picture. Here are a few of my suggestions if you are searching for one as well.

My Agenda - These are made my the same company who make the Mom Agenda's. They are so detailed with room for every day and every time. They come in pretty metallic colors this year. I love that they started making them for the not moms. I have a busy life too!:)

Moleskin - The classic moleskin brand has created a book with individual planners for each month. You do not need to carry around a large year planner anymore! My sister and I discovered them last week in Seattle and I think we let out a little cheer of excitement when we saw them!

Graphic Image - I have been admiring this planner for two years. It is so pretty. The pages have gilt edges, you can get it monogrammed. I love it. Maybe I will treat myself to this in 2010.

Planner Pad - I know, this is not a stylish planner, however I have heard all of raves about them. If you want to be super organized invest in this and decorate the outside!

Tiffany's - OK this would be a luxury I know, but how pretty is it! Patent leather Tiffany blue!

Kate Spade - I always loved this planner, unfortunately they switched it up. Unlike in the past with a daily calendar they have made it smaller to only have three pages per month. If you are looking for a pretty desk calendar, this is it.
always planning! xoxo


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