Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE Attire

I am so happy to be ringing in the New Year tonight at my bestie from 2nd grade's house. Besse and her wonderful hubbie have planned a fun night for all of us. Instead of getting together for drinks at a bar or just standing around chatting they have organized an official game night to ring in 2010. When I say official I mean, they have teams, game stations and......prizes! I am really excited! Game night, New Years Eve party, what to wear? I still need a little glitz, a little sequin, but something casual to hang out with and rock out to rock band with. I love the little sweater with sequin from H&M, some hot pink lipstick, jeans, sparkly makeup, I'm ready to go.

Happy New Year Game Night
I hope everybody has a fabulous evening. Happy 2010!
May the next decade bring you only fabulous, wonderful, amazing things!!!!!

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