Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Sweater Turtleneck

I finally had a couple of hours to put all of my winter clothes away. I had taken them out of storage weeks ago! I was delaying the process and I just had not had any time. I usually get really excited seeing all of my clothes that have been stored away for months, this time I didn't quite feel that way. I'm for sure in a fashion rut. I don't feel like I like much in my closets, still need to work off quite a few lbs, and need a new little inspiration. I'm ready for some new shoes, jeans, sweaters, etc. That being said, I was still excited to see my good friend.....the sweater turtleneck!

I think I wear a fitted sweater turtleneck 3 days a week, black is my go to. Jackie O and Audrey sported the style and it is truly a classic! I wouldn't mind a new one, maybe the Tory Burch, Jcrew or Ann Taylor look from above. The turtleneck will always be a wonderful piece! Hey, if you never know what to wear, throw one on with a pair of jeans and heels and you will feel good as new.


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