Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NYC weekend - cute finds, sore feet

My trip to New York City this weekend was wonderful! It was a short trip but packed with fun. Marathon Weekend in the Big Apple is always tiring but thrilling. There are so many stores I want to explore, places I want to dine, friends I want to see. Unfortunately the ultimate reason I am there is to run 26.2 miles and that does not call for a jammed packed visit, that calls for relaxing my feet. Oh well, I managed to do both! I had a blast and finished the race in 4 hrs 57 min 13 sec.

The weekend started with dinner at db bistro. YUM! Daniel Boulud is so wonderful! (I'm looking into a catering job in Palm Beach at one of his places, wish me luck!). The service was great, my butternut squash gnocchi were melt in your mouth and I loved that everybody around us was speaking French! So great! As we walked back to our hotel I found delight in a new Magnolia Bakery location and had to stop in for my favorite Vanilla Vanilla cupcake!!!!

Saturday I headed to the expo where I was as usual, overwhelmed and excited. Thousands of runners the day before marathon day in one place is exciting and nervous. I discovered the booth for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon and left with a complimentary tiara as well as my race bag! I am marking my calendar for March 6, 2010. An all women's 1/2 marathon in Disney World, fun!

The rest of Saturday Elizabeth and I spent in Soho browsing all of the fabulous stores. I felt like a little girl in a candy shop at Kate Spade. Everything in her new line is fun, pretty and playful. I was obsessssssed with the jewelry and the shoes! A few truffles at Vosges in flavors like balsamico, red chili and bacon tied me over till lunch! (only on marathon weekend would I buy truffles for myself). Lunch at Mercer Kitchen was great people watching during Halloween day. All the stores in Soho opened themselves up to Trick or Treaters. So cute to see dressed up children in fancy boutiques. I treated myself to a fun Barbie Malibu Beach scented candle at Jonathon Adler, even though I was dying for the pillows!

Saturday's shopping trip ended with a trip to Topshop. OK, I hadn't been since I lived abroad in London and was completely excited! After searching through the amazing collection of sequins shirts, platform shoes and lots of flirty short dresses, I checked out with my fun new Owl Earrings and a gold quilted purse (oh so Chanel, but not yet! Still dreaming). After shopping I had a great pasta dinner with Emily (almost a tradition!) and ended the night with a fabulous bubble bath and some sleep.

Sunday I was up bright and early to catch the ferry to Staten Island. This year was interesting. I was nervous but reallllllly so excited. I had been really stressed out about running and once I decided to I was ready, I was. All by myself I found my spot on the grass and did some stretching and reading and lots of texting (love updating during the run!). I crossed the start line at about 10:30am to the sounds of Frank Sinatra singing "NY NY". I had tears in my eyes and felt ready to go! Crossing the Verrazano Bridge was amazing!!!! About mile 8 I was in Brooklyn and heard Black Eyed Peas "Tonight's the Night" streaming from a brownstones windows. All the runners and spectators were dancing, jumping and singing, really cool. I was all smiles from then until I ran across the bridge to one of the greatest cities in the world...Manhattan! Mile 17! It is an experience like no other . You can hear the supporters even before you cross the bridge, the music, the cheers! I saw Emily and did a little stretching (And posing!) and then I saw Elizabeth at mile 18. SO NICE to see familiar faces. At about mile 20 I started to ache, my knee started to hurt but I wouldn't stop. I stopped and stretched at mile 24 and didn't think I could even walk but I slowly got going and ran my way to the finish line with a big smile and tears on my face. I was done!

THANK YOU ALL for your support! It was my 4th marathon, I say it's my last for awhile...but who am I kidding. I'm proud I did it. It was a great weekend in NYC and a great race across the line in Central Park!


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