Wednesday, November 11, 2009

snail mail

There is nothing like getting home after a long day, opening my mail box and finding a little snail mail in my box. I truly love receiving a letter in the mail. Now a days with emails, texts, Facebook, Twitter, letter writing often gets lost. The idea that the writer has taken a little time out of their day to sit down and write to you, is thoughtful and sweet. Thank you letters, Birthday Cards, notes just to say hi!, I love them all.

I come from a family of letter writers. After Christmas Day, Birthdays, Holidays, our mom always reminded us to send out our thank you cards. I do the same thing now with big clients at work. It is a nicer gesture then the worldwide web.

Maybe because of my obsession and almost therapeutic find in writing letters, I have become obsessed with stationary! My sister Charity sent me a beautiful card recently from Designs by Amelia Marie (a Syracuse grad) with a Marie Antoinette silhouette on it. I loved it almost to the point as I want to frame it.

The website iomoi is an obsession of mine. I stalk it and dream of getting some beautiful chic personalized stationary. Kate Spade's thank you card that are "tickled pink" are also on my wish list.

Take five minutes out of your day, write a letter, tell somebody you love them, your thinking of them, thank them. It truly is a great old tradition that will always stick around in my life!


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