Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kitty!

35 years. Yes, the crazy little Hello Kitty brand is 35 years old. I may be moving closer to the 30 year old mark myself but yes, I am still a little girl at heart. I've always loved the little white kitty with her little red bow. When I was little I actually had a Hello Kitty play kitchen, it was only the beginning.

I've always thought it was so interesting for a character that never had a long running tv show, movie, etc. to become such a well known character! Hello Kitty is now an international known icon. Hello Kitty started out as a cute little painting on a change purse and now you can purchase Hello Kitty diamond rings and actually visit a Hello Kitty theme park in Japan (omg, my dream!). Hello Kitty is a crazy obsession in Japan but it has become pretty big here recently....well maybe not as big...see below some of the fun Kitty facts I found.

-Hello Kitty's name is really Kitty White.

-Kitty lives in London with her twin sister Mimmy and her parents.

-In Taiwan there is a maternity ward that is decorated with Hello Kitty. Kind of crazy! Wow, strange.

- Sanrio Puroland is like Disneyworld but with pink everywhere! Instead of the mad hatters tea cup ride, they have big pink tea cups with bows on them!

- Hello Kitty Sweets is a dessert shop in Taiwan. All the desserts have Hello Kitty on it and the entire place is pink pink pink. oh wow, I think I need to visit!

- Target sells a mini desk water cooler. How cute is that, an individual pink water cooler.

I had a Hello Kitty camera for over year and just developed the pictures last week. It was a fu surprise to see the pics, above is a cute one from Brandi's wedding. Just more Hello Kitty fun!


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