Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Soirees - my portfolio

Recently my mind has been filled with applying for jobs, interviewing and being on a constant hunt for the next career opportunity in Florida. Applying for jobs online, following up and never hearing from anybody other then an automated email response, well, it makes you feel very frustrated! I feel like I am "just another" piece of paper on a desk, another application online. Last week I realized that I need to start marketing myself more then just a resume emailed or a good cover letter. After being in the events business for 6 years it was time for me to finally gather up some pictures and put them all together of what I have accomplished and start sending it out.

I wish I would have saved photos from events beginning on day one of my career, but I can't go back. I think I have a nice start of a portfolio to grow. It made me feel proud to look at the pictures of what I have been able to create and be a part of. I often get frustrated, upset and angry at my current situation and looking over these photos made me feel excited again. I wanted to share a few pics from my soirees from over the past years. I'm proud of them and I can't wait to create even more wonderful things as the years go on!


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