Thursday, October 29, 2009

follow me

Sign up today to follow me along the way on Sunday! Click on Athlete Alert on the New York Marathon homepage. You will need to put my name in "Rebecca D'Amato" and possibly my bib number "344053". I will be starting in wave #3 at 10:20am. Text me, cheer me on, follow me. It's been a long training and a stressful one, but I will take deep breathes, sing along the way and take in the amazing supporters in the Big Apple! It is an experience like never before!

Oprah has done it! 4:29:20 Last time I ran in 2007, Katie Holmes ran, 5:29 (I was so looking for Tom & Suri when I crossed the finish line). And well me, 4 hours and 38 minutes. Hopefully I can beat that time.

I'm getting nervous. I know it will be good. I'm as ready as I can be. I think Mrs. Tom Cruises smile says it all in the pictures. Crossing the finish line in NYC is like nothing else. The past 2 times I have completed it I have started to hyper ventilate with a feeling of over excitement and accomplishment.

Thank you for all of your support:)


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