Thursday, October 8, 2009

not just a boring suit

I remember shopping for my first suit. Job interviews for summer intern programs, I headed straight to Ann Taylor. Oh my. I guess that is what I knew it as. Once known for boring button downs and an everyday corporate suit.....things have changed!

Recently I keep seeing pieces from Ann Taylor's Fall line in magazines, blogs and on the streets. Ok, I know I live in DC, the land of government employees who wear suits daily to work...and white gym sneakers! ugh. However, I went into Ann Taylor recently and wanted EVERYTHING!

Ann Taylor has a new Director of Design, Liz Axelson. Reading that Liz came from Club Monaco was no surprise after my last trip to the land of what was the land of suits. Liz has made the clothes more chic and modern and quite honestly...I'm loving it! Affordable, chic business clothes. nice. Now I'm not saying suits aren't sold there because they absolutely are. However, now they are paired with chunky necklaces, patent leather belts and look oh so much better!

Here a few things I am loving! Leather bags with chain handles, leather motorcycle jackets, lots of bling and over sized jewelry, skinny jeans and platform shoes, grey leather booties, shirts with bows (are you surprised)black sweater dresses. They have a great line of leopard belts, bags and shoes. Great accessories! I really love it.

Ann Taylor had their first fashion show this year! How fabulous! Let's hope the Winter line is fun and affordable and we can all go out and buy a fun party dress!

happy shopping! xoxo

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