Monday, October 19, 2009

the little things

Isn't it truly the little things in life that make you happy? A nice cup of coffee in the morning, buying a new song on Itunes, a card in the mail, a new accessory, a new magazine. The little things! I truly feel that way a lot! Recently I have had some long days at work, job hunting, marathon training, visiting friends and attempting to stay on a budget. Yep, the last part, budget, is one of the hardest. So when I think of little things it makes me happy because those little things stay within the budget much better.

I guess I do have a lot of "little things". Beau likes to them, chotsky, I like to call them treasures! If I can't afford a new pair of shoes that I'm dying for, the designer handbag, a day out shopping, buying something tiny that you love for under $20- makes you happy. Here are a few of my little fun finds I have found recently.

1. Sequin Beret - $14. from H&M. LOVE! It's awesome on a bad hair day and like Rachel Zoe says, a little sequin is NEVER bad. The picture is me last weekend at brunch in the beret!

2. Flower Earrings - $8. They may look kind of vintage, but nope, Forever 21 find.

3. XO Earrings - $12 . Urban Outfitters. An X on one ear and an O on the other. Yes, I love everything lovely and romantic and love putting XOXOXOXO everywhere. Life should be full of hugs and kisses so why not on my ears.

4. OPI for Sephora nail polish - $9. I am getting tired of Black Onyx and Lincoln Park After Dark so I was so excited to find "Never Enough Shoes". Black with Sparkles, and under $10, yay! And how cute is the name?

5. Mercury Glass Candle Holders - $5.99 at World Market. They are so pretty and have Fleur De Lis on the outside. I may not be able to afford a new couch, but new candles jazz up my place.

I wish I could go and splurge on some bigger items, but for right now my little finds make me excited during a shopping trip! Let me know if you find any good bargains.


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