Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Soirees - Back to School

Wow! I have already seen kids in the morning with their backpacks on, walking to school. College campuses are full, high school cafeterias are full and every store around is packed with back to school necessities. I know I do not have class to attend, but it would be so fun to throw a Back to School Party! Reminisce about your days of packing lunch, decorating your locker, homecoming dance dress shopping.

Invitations would be sent out on Lined Paper looking invites. I would pass out gift bags with a cute pencil case (French of course!) A Red Tube of Lipstick Pen, because you must write in style, a pretty pink journal, for to-do lists

The table would be set looking like a chalkboard and name cards would be red apples. Instead of the usual schoolroom map, I would have a fun US map set up to learn your capitals on.

Passed Hors D'oeuvres would be mini tea sandwiches in shapes of kid characters (um, Hello Kitty!). These make me think of open up your lunch box and having a note from mom and a neatly made sandwich for the first day of school. For dinner I would serve an adult cafeteria style dinner: Parmesan Tater Tots, Chicken Fingers, Crudite of Haricot Vert Heirloom Tomatoes and Truffled Ranch Dressing and for dessert there would be ice cream. Remember the fun sundae cups that kids would bring into class for parties? There were chocolate and vanilla or strawberry and vanilla and they were served with a little wooden spoon. I would serve an updated ice cream like salted caramel, in a cute paper cup with a personalized spoon.

Oh how I wish I was packing up my backpack tonight for school. Making sure I had a new box of crayons, new notebook, new pencils, everything was so new! Happy back to school shopping! Maybe I should go get a new "backpack" for school? ;)


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