Thursday, August 6, 2009

a good vacation

I read this article today about Netflix's vacation policy and got to daydreaming about being on vacation. I know a lot of people in my business who say, "Oh, I never get to use all of my vacation days every year because I'm so busy!". Well.....that's not me! This article talks about how America has the shortest vacation policy, we are the biggest workaholics, etc. etc. etc. I may only be 27, but I have already learned the importance of a good vaca!

My weekend with my besties was so relaxing. The lake house was amazing and it was SO sweet for Jenn's sister Nichole to have us visit. I got to spend a few days in Ft. Lauderdale with Beau before my mom flew down. We drove to Naples and enjoyed the sunshine, running, drinking wine, reading, shopping and eating. The usual great components of a good vaca.

It has been hard to be back! I think it has more to do then being back from vacation. I think it is because I am officially ready to head to Florida and did not want to leave beau this time. Hopefully I can update you with some good things next week about my move:)


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