Monday, August 31, 2009

home away from home

Mondays are so difficult recently. I stretch out the weekend running, hanging out with friends, cleaning, shopping (browsing, browsing). Monday morning I get into the office and it takes awhile to get focused. Every week I think, "Maybe this will be the week that I find and commit to the Florida job!". Until then I deal with sharing an office with four others.

I have never been lucky to have an office of my own. However, I have always tried to create my own little corner of the world. Pictures, flowers, lamps, music, whatever it takes to brighten up my little space. I spend a lot of time at my desk and in the office, it is very much my home away from home. I dream of the day when I can create an organized, creative space and be excited to go there every morning. For now I will give it my all in D.C. My view of the Washington Monument isn't that bad I should say;)

The first picture is my little corner, where I spend hour after hour on proposals, floor plans, calls, contracts, menus, etc. etc. The second photo is my dream photo. I came upon this adorable office and had to share!


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