Friday, September 9, 2016

I Fancy Friday v. 57

It is FRIDAY! I am writing this post way past my due date now and feel like I have been waiting for a bit now. So I am excited to see this Friday come and the weekend because I am hoping that #babygirlkobus will be making her appearance any day now. It is such a nervous but exciting time. I have no idea when she will come so I am just going amongst my day. Hopefully next week I can report to you that my Fancy Friday is one thing, our little lady! For now, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite things I have found during the week that I keep my mind off of everything;)  Enjoy the weekend! 

1. Stylist LIVE  - With baby on the way I am starting to look a couple of months out in my diary, things to do and making plans. This event looks like SUCH a fun day out! Who is with me and wants to go? Pop up shops, tastings, talks by some FAB ladies, lets go! 

2. Rocky Racoon  - Ok so I am kind of loving everything this brand makes! I discovered it on Etsy and can not get over how cute the pink dinosaur pattern is and the flamingos, ohhh right and the swans. eeekk. Love it! I may have bought #babygirlkobus a few things from here. Apparel Swan Onesie

3. Belmond British Pullman Train - I know that Mr. Beau and I will have limited date nights coming up these next few months, but how about one being an ULTIMATE date night. How amazing does dinner on this gorgeous train look? This looks like a night to remember! Sister train to the Venice Simplon - Orient - Express, this train looks like it would make one NIGHT TO REMEMBER date night. Hey, I can dream and wish right! 

4. Champagne Ice Cubes - Such an easy thing to make. I will certainly be adding these to my next get together. 

5. Thinking of jazzing up my fall wardrobe and really loving this LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection Sequin Floral Crop Jacket So pretty I think to be dressed up or paired with jeans. 

6. I am in the middle of growing out my hair and a swept back messy bun is my go to some days. I love this Loose Low Bun tutorial. 

7. Pregnancy craving I have had, toast. Yummy toasted bread. Recently I have been wanting a good old English Muffin. I loved reading this, that the English Muffin actually isn't English at ALL. Fun little read. Now can someone ship me some Thomas brand nooks and crannies. 

8. This needs to make it into my Fall wardrobe as well. A fancy dressed up sweatshirt. NEXT Embellished Elbow Sweatshirt

9. What a pretty get together this is! And how yummy does this wine look. The Wildest Dream Wines girls get together inspires me for #babygirlkobus 1st birthday, and she is not even here yet! 

Happy weekend everyone! xoxo Rebecca



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