Monday, October 3, 2016


Introducing my precious little daughter, Fleur Hendrika Kobus. Born on Tuesday, 13th of September. 
It still is a bit surreal for me to type, my daughter:) I've been quiet over here these past few weeks because this little lady has been taking up my time. I won't complain, as you can see from above, how can you complain when you see this adorable little smile! Fleur's birth story is for another day, lets just say she took her good old time arriving to the world. Me and Mr. Beau are SO grateful to have had family here visiting and to help us out when she arrived. We have been getting adjusted as our little family of four {#siroliveruk included!} and am just trying to find a bit of routine back in my day. Little Fleur has forever changed our life and all in good ways. 

I will be sharing more of our precious little Fleur later, but I wanted to introduce you to her. She makes us smile and lights up our day, even though we are exhausted and tired and not getting much sleep, I now believe what people say about loving this little person so much you can't believe it. 

Thank you to everyone for your sweet congratulations and wishes these past few weeks! 

xoxo Rebecca


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